Connect People, Improve Health

Our mission is to research and build digital health tools that can close care disparities for medically indigent populations.

There are three main options to obtain healthcare for the almost 27 million people in America who lack health insurance. First, they can pay out of pocket, a generally infeasible option. Second, they can forego medical care altogether, adversely impacting their wellbeing. Finally, they can visit overburdened free and charitable clinics. Consequently, healthcare access is not equitably delivered.

OmniMed aims to address the inequitable delivery of healthcare by designing digital health solutions with the needs of medically indigent populations in mind. Our rigorous research and thorough conversations with physicians, public health experts, business professionals, social workers, and other domain experts allow us to create digital health solutions for vulnerable populations, especially in the local Georgia area.

Digital Health Research

OmniMed is currently funded by a seed grant from the Emory-Georgia Tech Healthcare Innovation Program in partnership with the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA). Through our grant, we are studying the needs of medically indigent populations on a deeper level by looking at what qualities they look for and need in digital health solutions as well as assessing their health literacy to get a better grasp on how best to design our digital health tools.

Prescription Application Assistance

OmniMed is currently working on streamlining the prescription assistance application process for pharmaceuticals, physicians, and medically indigent populations. Our goal is to create a software that truly makes healthcare more accessible to those who need it most while also increasing the ease and decreasing the costs associated with the process for clinics and physicians.