Our Team

Sharvil Patel, Executive Director

Sharvil Patel is a junior at Emory University with a significant background in medical health infrastructure. Studying quantitative sciences, he hopes to leverage health technologies to ensure that healthcare is a right.

Elizabeth Sun, Director of Interoperability Initiatives

Elizabeth Sun is a junior at Emory University with significant research and clinical experiences. She hopes to improve patient outcomes for the most vulnerable communities.

Sanjaly Geevarghese, Director of Public Health Initiatives

Sanjaly Geevarghese is a senior at Emory University with a strong background in nonprofit work, advocacy, and the healthcare industry. As a double major of Human Health and Psychology, she hopes to advocate for marginalized communities' rights.

Simon He, Director of Operations

Simon He is a Junior at Emory University with an interest in clinical care from both a research and care perspective. He hopes to give back to the community by creating a sustainable health infrastructure.

Other Collaborators, Teammates, and Special Recognition

Special thanks to Claire Kim-Narita for designing our logo

Special thanks to GA Tech's VIP FHIR Informatics Team for working with us to help get patients to the right care at the right time!